Vegeta / Vegetahd - BQ Aquaris E5 / BQ Aquaris E5HD

The family of Aquaris E5 devices by BQ are all called vegeta + a special suffix (there is an E5 HD so it’s vegetahd for example). However, the hardware is “the same” only in the versions E5 (vegeta) and E5 HD (vegetahd). The newer E5 4G (vegetalte) <devices/vegetalte> which has an LOS 14.1 image is a completely different System and does not share the same hardware. However, the BQ Aquaris E4.5 (krillin) is basically the same and maybe it’s images will work with minor changes.



There has been no effort to get Halium onto this device so far.


The following entries are just a placeholder, exactly as this sentence.

Distribution Device Specific Files Kernel What works What doesn’t work
UBports 15.04 (Android 5.1 base) device page ? ? ? ?

Kernel & Hardware

Mainline (4.13rc4 as of writing)

There is a very rudimentary device tree source file inside kernel 4.13rc4 at dts/mt6589-aquaris5.dts. This still needs a lot of work.

Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch kernel (3.4.67 based)

This kernel can be found at bq/aquaris-e5

Device Specifics


Entering Fastboot & Recovery Mode

For BQ Aquaris E4, E4.5, E5 and E6, assuming device is off :

Hold Power button + Volume Up button until menu pops up

Boot Mode Selection: Navigate with Volume Up and select with Volume Down

Entering Recovery: Press Volume Up to access menu Navigate with Volume buttons and select with Power button.

Developer Info

Some devices show strange behaviour of some kind, try to find this (for example in the xda-developers forum) and document it

Usefull Ressources

If anything might be usefull but didn’t fit above you can just throw in some links here.