Nicki - Sony Xperia M

Xperia M is very weak, especially by today’s standards. But it runs Halium. Somehow.



There is an ongoing port of Halium for Nicki that Konrad Dybcio is working on. Halium-7.1 branch builds with LOS 14.1 sources. Halium rootfs can be flashed using halium-install by JBB, yet /data partition is too small (2 gigs) to fit a plasma mobile rootfs. This can be worked around by changing IMAGE_SIZE=2G to for example IMAGE_SIZE=1.7G for pm in halium-install/functions/


Distribution Device Specific Files Kernel What works What doesn’t work
LineageOS android_device_sony_nicki android_kernel_sony_msm8x27 based on v3.4.0 Everything(afaik) Nothing
Halium Reference Rootfs ewentual/halium_device_sony_nicki ewentual/halium_kernel_sony_msm8x27 based on v3.4.0 See projectmanagement issue Everything else
Ubports Not yet Not yet Nothing, even putting rootfs on the device (not enough space) Everything

Kernel & Hardware


Not present

Cyanogemod based kernels (LOS & UBP)

Kernel version is v3.4.0.

Device Specifics


Special boot modes

Fastboot: With the device powered off, while holding Volume Up, connect the USB cable to the computer. The LED should turn blue.

Flashmode: With the device powered off, while holding Volume Down, connect the USB cable to the computer. The LED should turn green. Then you can go back to the stock rom using Androxyde’s Flashtool. Last sure to be working with nicki version of Flashtool was, newer versions could fail.

Recovery (ONLY on android custom kernels): On boot, press Volume Down when the LEDs start lighting up. This only works with a working boot image. If there is none, you can flash twrp to boot partition first and use it to reboot into recovery.

Second Recovery: To boot to the FOTA Recovery follow recovery instruction, but press Volume Up instead.

Developer Info

With hybris-boot only way to access TWRP is to flash it as boot.

Useful Resources