h815 - LG G4

The LG G4 is a mobile handset featuring a 5.5 in 1440p display, a snapdragon 808 hexacore processor and 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage with the option to expand to 2TB. The micro USB port doubles as HDMI out.



Halium works on this device although not all features are functional as of writing. The device is currently being worked on by Ari Börde Kröyer.

The Halium version is 7.1 and the kernel is version 3.10.84. The device boots into the Ubports Ubuntu Touch 32 bit rootfs.

What works: Graphics (including screen rotation), wifi, audio, sensors, and sms are all working. Audio in calls is currently not functional, although it is possible to place and receive calls.


Overview of available distributions and the status of these, as well as corresponding sources.

Distribution Device Specific Files Kernel What works What doesn’t work
LG G4 (h815) on LineageOS Wiki LineageOS/android_device_lge_h815 LineageOS/android_device_lge_g4-common proprietary_vendor_lge android_kernel_placeholder based on vX.Y.Z ? ?
Ubports device page: none as yet abkro/android_device_lge_h815/tree/halium-7.1-ut abkro/android_device_lge_g4-common/tree/halium-7.1-ut Vendor blobs: see above. abkro/android_kernel_lge_msm8992 based on v3.10.84 Graphics, screen rotation, wifi, audio, sensors, sms Camera, audio in calls

Kernel & Hardware

Mainline (vX.Y.Z as of writing)

Cyanogemod based kernels (LOS & UBP)

Device Specifics

Developer Info

Once the device has been unlocked, TWRP recovery has been installed and you have flashed the device, reflashing has to be done as follows, using adb:

Enter TWRP recovery Wipe as necessary Connect to host pc by USB cable Enter directory on host where your boot image resides Input command: ‘adb push <your_boot_image> /sdcard/Download/’ On the device: Select ‘install’, navigate to directory /sdcard/Download, choose ‘Image’, select the file, select ‘Boot’, swipe to flash.

For flashing system image and rootfs, follow instructions in the relevant guide.