Taoshan - Sony Xperia L

The device is quite weak to run Halium. But it should be possible.



A port for Halium 7.1 is being worked on by Jonatan Hatakeyama Zeidler. Halium 7.1 builds, but does not install using halium-install due to TWRP BusyBox issues. Using halium-install from JBB the halium reference rootfs can be installed, but it does not seem to start.


Distribution Device Specific Files Kernel What works What doesn’t work
LineageOS LineageOS/android_device_sony_taoshan LineageOS/android_kernel_asus_msm8916 based on v3.4.0 Everything Nothing
Halium Reference Rootfs jonnius/android_device_sony_taoshan jonnius/android_kernel_asus_msm8916 based on v3.4.0 Installation Does not boot
Plasma Mobile jonnius/android_device_sony_taoshan jonnius/android_kernel_asus_msm8916 based on v3.4.0 Building images Installation (/data is to small)
UBPorts None None Porting not yet started Everything

Kernel & Hardware


I don’t know if something that is needed for the device is mainline already.

Cyanogemod based kernels (LOS & UBP)

Kernel version is 3.4.0.

Device Specifics


Special boot modes

  • Fastboot: With the device powered off, while holding Volume Up, connect the USB cable to the computer. The LED should turn blue.
  • Recovery: On boot, press Volume Down when the LEDs start lighting up. This only works with a working boot image. If there is none, you can flash twrp to boot partition first and use it to reboot into recovery.
  • Second Recovery: To boot the FOTA Recovery, press Volume Up instead. This seems to be equal to Recovery.

Developer Info

After flashing hybris-boot, recovery can not be accessed anymore. Therefore follow these steps to install halium rootfs:

  • Enter Fastboot
  • Flash TWRP image to recovery and boot partition
  • Reboot into TWRP on boot
  • From TWRP reboot into Recovery
  • In TWRP mount data partition
  • Clone halium-install from JBB (the official one does not work)
  • Edit functions/core.sh and change rootfs size to 1G (data partition has only 1.6 GB)
  • Run halium-install with halium rootfs image and system.img
  • Enter Fastboot
  • Flash hybris-boot image to boot partition using fastboot

Usefull Resources