Bullhead - Nexus 5X

This is supposed to become one of our reference devices.



Halium is being worked on for this device. You can find the sources in the table below.


Add the manifest for Bullhead


Distribution Device Specific Files Kernel What works What doesn’t work
Bullhead on LineageOS Wiki LineageOS/android_device_lge_bullhead LineageOS/android_kernel_lge_bullhead based on v3.10.73 ? ?

Kernel & Hardware

Mainline Kernel (4.13rc4 as of writing)

There is no device tree source (dts) file in the mainline kernel, neither for the device itself nor for the underlying SoC (MSM8992). The general support for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6 landed with 4.10, according to a Phoronix article about Kernel 4.10 ARM support. There is also a short slideshow by Jeremy McNicoll about the initial and ongoing mainlining process.

LOS 14.1 Android Kernel (3.10.73)

Unclear whether security bug fixes are implemented into this kernel (long term 3.10 kernel @ kernel.org has version 3.10.107).

Device Specifics

This should be populated with guides how to get into different boot modes and similar. Maybe this can be pulled from the LOS device database. For now check the LOS device page linked in the table above.