PME (Perfume) - HTC 10

In 2015, HTC released the HTC One M9 smartphone, which was praised for its design, but criticized for being too similar to its predecessor, the HTC One (M8). To address the shortcomings of the M9, HTC released another new phone that year with a new design and hardware: the HTC One A9. The design of the HTC 10 is somewhat of a mix of the M9 and the A9



Halium is working on this device as version 7.1. Ported by Ivan Semkin and Marius Gripsgard


Distribution Device Specific Files Kernel What works What doesn’t work
PME on LineageOS Wiki LineageOSandroid_device_htc_pme LineageOSandroid_kernel_htc_msm8996 based on v3.18.31 see device page see device page
PME on Halium projectmanagement Halium/android_device_htc_pme Halium/android_kernel_htc_msm8996 based on v3.18.31 see device page see device page

Kernel & Hardware

Cyanogemod based kernels (LOS & UBP)

Both Halium and LOS share a common base which is Cyanogenmod. However, the Halium kernel was patched with Halium-specific edits.

Device Specifics


HTC allowed users to officially unlock phones without S-Off. Links provided below

This device has 2 modes for fastboot: bootloader (white backgrond) and download (dark background). You have to use download mode in order to flash/wipe anything. AFAIK bootloader mode is only used to check its status and for emergency purposes.

In order to launch recovery, you have to boot into download mode first (Power + Volume Down), then select reboot to bootloader, and only then boot to recovery mode.

Also, be sure to check the LineageOS device info for PME

Developer Info

TWRP’s BusyBox for the device is partially broken. Thus stock rootstock might fail to install Halium properly. I suggest using JBB’s alternative installation script.