Plasma mobile

In order to install Plasma mobile you perform basically the same steps as for the Halium reference rootfs. This section only highlights the relevant differences.

Install rootfs and system.img

Use the plasma mobile rootfs. Download the latest version from here:

If you have a “CAF” device (Code Aurora Forum), then you must use the rootfs from here: Generally speaking, if it is a Qualcomm device and it is not a Nexus, then it is CAF.


Instead of connecting with root you use phablet:

ssh phablet@


Make sure phablet password is set either by using chroot from recovery or halium-install from JBBgameich.

For general debugging tips refer back to reference rootfs instructions. Some plasma mobile specific tips are below.


Document PM specific debug instructions. Some lose notes copied from irc log:

  • run test_XYZ with sudo
  • pgrep kwin_wayland
  • journalctl | grep simplelogin