Halium reference rootfs

Once you have built the system.img from the android tree, you can download and install the rootfs using the halium-install script from the halium-scripts repository.

Install hybris-boot.img

First, boot your device into its bootloader. This is normally done by holding Power+Volume Down, but it can be different on each device.

Next, simply execute the following command:

fastboot flash boot [path/to/]hybris-boot.img

If you’re in BUILDDIR, hybris-boot.img will be located at out/target/product/[codename]/hybris-boot.img.

Install rootfs and system.img

Currently latest rootfs is available at bshah’s personal server: Link

You can use the halium-install script as below, when device is connected in recovery mode:

halium-install <path to rootfs tarball> <path to android system.img>

This will do the following:

  • Convert the rootfs tarball into ext2 rootfs.img
  • Convert system.img into the ext4 mountable image from android sparse image.
  • Push the both images to /data partition


Now that you have this installed, move on to Debug Halium to test your port’s functionality.